YUI’s new single “Rain” hits the stores placed #4 at Oricon


Nobody was expecting this to happen, but maybe the release date change had something to do with it.
First place belongs to SDN48, who are closer to strippers than singers, but…hey!
Second place belongs to another group of girls trying to dance and trying to sing, but…hey!

1. GAGAGA – SDN48 = 34,348
2. eve – Idoling!!! = 21,898
3. Tackey & Tsubasa = 19,814

4. Rain – YUI = ???

Source: Oricon.co.jp

According to YUI’s trend, she should have started with a number higher than 28,000 so maybe she will get a higher position in the next few days. Even so, this doesn’t look really good after the high expectations YUI-Lovers had about how close YUI was to reach Utada Hikaru’s record of 6 straight #1 singles.