Staff Diary (2010.11.22) — Rain Hits the Stores!!


Rain hits the stores!!

Translated by Kicchan

Minasan, sorry for the delay!

Finally, Rain is lining up in stores today.

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Have you all checked it up already?

There are many comments of people who got it

Thank you very much!!

Well then, On today’s stores arrival

At the new Tower Records

The entire e.u.Band gathered.

to help on selling the new “Rain”.

The splendid first position of the “members general election” practiced in the tour, MaiMai, came to participate in the emergency too.

?e.u.Band? —— ¿¿?

TOWER RECORD’s staff lend us their special apron too


Despite being on a weekday’s noon

a lot of people came

Thank you so much!!

the members, respectively attended to everyone’s orders (not sure)
Pasting stickers in “Rain” CDs

Exhibing the merchandise, doing the cleaning…

and helping in many other things (tears).

Thank you very much,
to everyone at TOWER RECORDS
For letting us collaborate this time.

Details of this day
will be reported soon in ?YUI-net.TV? so
look forward to it ?

Please listen to “Rain”!!!


Could you find MaiMai’s figure in the jacket?

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