YUI’s on and off way of thinking (PATiPATi 2006, September Issue)




In this interview YUI talks about the moments she decide to turn the switch on or off.
An excerpt below.
Original transcript by Akabaneouji
Translation: Kikino
Correction: Spring-san


The switch is ON the moment the stylist finishes my makeup and I’m dressing up. So whenever I go to an interview that will not include a photoshoot session, I wonder what should I do. Somehow I fear I will not be able to speak when looking at the interviewer. That being said, I am not the type that can consciously flip the switch on. To be honest I sometimes feel impatient when talking. I’m thinking: “I wonder if this is correct?… Is this a good answer?” So I turn the work switch off when I finally get home.

Live concerts?
I feel the switch is on from the day I know I have a concert scheduled. Because of that, when there is about one day left I start feeling tense. My body has to be in perfect condition too. I think about the lyrics and talking segments, I imagine the faces of the people who will come to see me. The switch is on when you are focused, right? I’ve recently become more carefree, telling myself “it’s gonna be fine, it’s gonna be fine”. But, in the beginning, around the time just before concerts I was a mess. I was so tense I felt like I got electric shocks (Haha)
And then, the last concert switch is when I’m backstage and I yell with the band members “Okay, let’s do it!” That’s when I flip the switch. I move from feelings of anxiety to an “Okay, let’s do it!” mood.


The tears switch activates anytime (Haha). Specially lately. My tear glands have become out of control as I grew older (Haha) Really, whenever I see my grandma, or I watch a movie I quickly become teary eyed. That’s why when I hear certain movie is famous for being too emotional I think I’d better not watch it. About that, in the Taiyou no Uta preview in Osaka, I sang Good-bye days without microphone after the movie ended. I couldn’t hold my tears any longer and I replaced some lyrics with strong “wah, wah” sounds (Haha).

When it comes to work, I get pretty worked up. I give the image of being a very tolerant and serene person, though (Haha). But in reality, when the insecurity and impatience build up I can’t stay calm at all. I grow more timid when I get irritated. To put it in a few words, my tolerance level is low. In my mind I feel as if I’m saying “Please stop a moment” as I try to extend the limits of mind with both hands. I hope to improve that as I grow with the passing years.

I usually write in a notebook “things I want to do” or “things I want to buy” So in my days off I start with those things. I go around Shinjuku, Harajuku or Shibuya and I usually say “Okay! I bought the guitar strings, now have everything I need!” or something like that (Haha). Then, having spent half a day, there are many enjoyable things I can spend the rest of the day with. I mostly go to live concerts, The other day I went to one a friend was holding and while I was looking for a good spot to watch I suddenly ended in the front row. Somehow, it really felt like when your parents visit your classroom for a day (Haha). I thought it would become difficult for the musician to perform, so I thought of going back, but I suddenly couldn’t move anymore. As I expected, I could clearly be seen from above the stage (Haha)



About the last answer, Akabaneouji thinks this could have happened at a concert held by a band called ?School? that Imamura Mai was member of around that time, since several people witnessed YUI attending many times wearing a backpack. There is even one report of a person who saw YUI wearing backpack walking on stage and singing one song. I wonder if other people know about this?