FLOWER FLOWER to “sync” with the audience in special live for au (KDDI)




Source: sgcafe.com

FLOWER FLOWER, spearheaded by former solo artist YUI, will be having a special invitational live ?au PERFECT SYNC. LIVE? for 2000 people on June 11 in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo.

YUI took a break from showbiz at the end of last year, ending her solo career, but is now back as the lead vocalist of four-man band, FLOWER FLOWER. The band has formally debuted in Japan Jam 2013 this May 4 and will be performing on the Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival 2013 on May 26. Now that they have started to roll, the band’s official webpage now has content and even a diary for those interested. Check this article out for more details.

For those not familiar, au is a mobile services provider and cellular phone brand in Japan, marketed by KDDI. au has created the application ODOROKI (the official application name for PERFECT SYNC) which lets you start jamming sessions with friends. To better understand this concept, check out this PERFECT SYNC commercial and application tutorial.

In this event, the audience, through their smartphones, will have the experience as presented in au’s PERFECT SYNC line of commercials. For this event, FLOWER FLOWER will be having a special live. This live won’t be you usual one as the audience will be “in sync”. In the live, the audience will be using their personal ODOROKI applications, turning their smartphones into musical instruments, and have a session with the artist, which is FLOWER FLOWER. The audience will be experiencing “perfect sync” with the band as the sounds they produce with their phones will be in total synchronization with the band’s performance.

For the live itself, 2000 au users will be chosen by lottery as participants. The application for this will be on the special event website from May 14 to 30. In addition to this, this particular live will also be livestreamed and the next day, a new line of PERFECT SYNC commercials are set to air.



au PERFECT SYNC. LIVE @ Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo
June 11, 2013 – Tuesday
Performances by: FLOWER FLOWER

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