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Blogs and Diaries

Diary entries from YUI, her staff and producer! Everything translated by YUI's slaves!

YUI Diary (2009.10.26) – THE BEATLES!

Translated by Fujii Itsuki THE BEATLES! ???????????????? Everyone, are you doing well? ????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? The other day, when I was a guest on the ?Sata?Yang? radio program in Hokkaido, there was a segment where I called and directly spoke to Sony Music's ?BOSS?. ????????????????????????????? ?THE BEATLES??BOX? Regarding one...

YUI Diary (2009.10.24) – Once again!!

Translated by Fujii Itsuki ????? Once again!! ??????? ??????????CM???? ????????????????? A new composition which is in the works, has been confirmed to be used as Benesse-san's CM song next year! ??????????????? Everyone, thank you very much! ?????????????????????? ???????????????? Since I'll be participating in the ?Attack Pledge? campaign, In high spirits, I intend to...

Staff Diary (2009.10.21) – Discovery!

Translations by Fujii_Itsuki ??? Discovery! ????? Every~one ??????? Good evening!! ????????????????? ?????????????????? Tokyo have been having continuously clear autumnal weather recently and it has certainly made the days considerably easier to go through. ???CD???????? ?again????????????????? Today, while organizing some CDs, I discovered the Korea and Taiwan versions of ?again?! ?????????? YUI???????????????? ?????????? "YUI's songs have even manage...