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YUI LOCKS 2006.12.26 — Paper Plane Diary

YUI went to see U2 and lost her voice again ^^; She then reads letters of resolutions from fans.

YUI LOCKS (2010.07.19) Translated Report

7/19????????? 7/19 ?Band Club Visit? Transated by Kikino and waratte (I think he did on parragraph :P ) ? ??????????*^_^*? ? Album Purchased (*^_^*) ???????????Parade?es.car?I Do It???Kiss me?????? ???? PV?to mother???????????????????? ????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???HIGHER GROUND?????? ???????????????????? ???????????????(*^^)v Which song is best? "Parade", "es.car", "I do it", and "Kiss...

YUI LOCKS 2006.12.25 — Christmas Requests

In this episode, YUI sings the most requested songs. But her voice was not in the best shape, so she couldn't sing Good-bye days ^^

YUI LOCKS 2006.11.27 — Returning Gratitude

This time YUI calls fans who attended to her tour to different universities.

YUI LOCKS 2006.11.30 – Rolling Star Release!

YUI calls a radio listener to listen to Rolling star together > < She remembers that back when she used to work part time, she would go to sleep at night and sometimes yell "irasshaimase!" when sleeping.

YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.13) — Translated report

My foremost wish is to pass the exam so I study and work hard to help the to of them. I'll give my best. It's nurse university, so they told me that doing both things will be really hard, but I'll persist in order to help them