FLOWER FLOWER mini album “Shiki” Feb. 18th Release!



FLOWER FLOWER’s mini album will contain 4 theme songs of movie “Little Forest”

As we know the songs are called after the four seasons “Haru”, “Natsu”, “Aki” and “Fuyu” which are also the 4 chapters of the movie “Little Forest”.
The album will be called ??? That in this case reads “Shiki” (Seasons)


FLOWER FLOWER released their very first album called “Mi” on November 2014.
The songs “Natsu” and “Aki” have been already released. And this year “Fuyu” and “Haru” will preceed the second chaper of the second chapter of the movie.

The mini album’s limited edition will also contain interludes or “entr’acte” connecting each song, and the DVD will be accompanied by footage of the movies.

Regarding these theme songs, yui commented: “We discussed with the band members after reading the original work over and over. We made the songs after many music sessions. Usually, everytime we meet to discuss will be followed by a music session. Someone will send a message with a sound, and everybody will follow them in resonance. When closing my eyes I recall the movie’s images and the sounds come out. Since everyone’s image (idea/concept) is sympathetic, I’m grateful that the sounds came out perfectly.”

Source: Barks.jp

Album ??? (Shiki)

?Regular Edition??1,500 (Tax inc.) SRCL-8470
1.? (Haru)
2.? (Natsu)
3.? (Aki)
4.? (Fuyu)

?Limited Edition (with DVD) ?2,000 (Tax inc.) SRCL-8738~9
2.entr’acte 1
4.entr’acte 2
6.entr’acte 3


Buy Shiki Regular Edition at CD Japan!goo.gl/mgTjxC
Buy Shiki Limited Edition at CD Japan! : goo.gl/xssR5E


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