HISASHI KONDO Dokutsubo (2010.10.16) — 948 Morning Talk Final Chapter


948 ?????????
948 Morning Talk Final Chapter

Translated by mrsean

Today, This week’s Satayan Encore!!

?e.u.Band?YUI?Group Performance Stage 3

Morning Talk Final Chapter

has been uploaded.

During the program, we went out
to Cat Studio
which, back then, was in Hiroshima.

The demo for the debut was mostly
done here, I believe.

Ah, of course it seemed like we
were also stuck in Sony’s Sixth Street basement studio
every day,as well.

??????????? ????
But this is not about this kind of nostalgic stuff,
but concerning animals they like, animals they dislike
…a meandering conversation

If you would like,
please take a listen.



????????????? ?
The Kumo-chan at Backy’s house is Taro…!?
Kuro-chan’s turtle is Momo and Taro…!?
Satayan Encore Here”
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