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Sony Music “Play You” YUI, Shimizu Shota and JASMINE’s new songs presentation “Live in the Dark” Report

Walkman “Your unknown sound project”
Seeking for a “nice sound” Three artists where challenged for that new sound.

YUI, Shimizu Shota and JASMINE present their new songs
Premium Live “Live in the Dark” Report

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The last person to decorate the concert was YUI.
For this project she visited the yearned land, Sweden. The music and scenery felt in that place were included in her new song “Your Heaven” and performed for the first time here.
In the dark, YUI’s delicate voice resounded. The audience listened attentively trying to share the same emotions that she felt in Sweden.
In the MC. Because of the nervousness of this new concert in darkness, she was blocked and only said “From now on, let’s enjoy this concert together!” to the venue.

1. Your Heaven *New song
2. How crazy
3. Love is all
5. to Mother

I was wondering if I would be able to relax and focus on a concert in the dark.
I performed feeling really nervous and anxious until the end.
As for today’s concert. I was together with 360 people in the dark and since it was the first time, it could enjoy a new experience.

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