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“They were 8 wonderful years” YUI looks back to her music activities.

In November, YUI suddenly  announced a hiatus. Announcing her first best album, also attending various music programs, what are her true thoughts on this matter? Her activities for the past 8 years has brought about “YUI”. When she starts her activities anew after her break there is no doubt this flower will blossom once again.

The big decision in order to continue making music. 

–Would you please explain again your decision to stop your activities as YUI.
YUI: When I mention the word “YUI” you could say it’s reached its limit. The project called “YUI”  grew as I was making tie-up songs… Meanwhile, new things that I wanted to do appeared, so they let me annonce this hiatus in order to prepare for this.

— This doesn’t mean you will quit doing music right?
YUI: That’s right. I have made people who have supported me all this time to feel worried and I didn’t want to hurt them. I was truly worried about the best way to let them know about this. I think the best would be to consider this as a vacation facing towards my next step.

–There was a huge reaction wasn’t there? (Haha)
YUI: It ended becoming a matter more serious than expected (Haha)

–Straight after the announcement you made an appearance in “Msta” (TeleAsashi). Tamori san delved right into it.
YUI: Tamori san was so straight to the extent that I wasn’t expecting it at all (haha). I was planning to talk about this little by little, but this felt like an arrowhead. It became certain within seconds. (LAST bit was about she put in a tough spot no?)

–Whatever this “next thing” is you still can’t clearly say what it is right?
YUI: That’s right. It’s just that, I imagine myself following a route where I express the music that I like.

–What was the time like during your 8 years as “YUI” like?
YUI: They were 8 wonderful years. I can proudly say I’ve been blessed with many encounters. These 8 years were only possible because the people around me cheered me on and also the encounters I had truly gave me strength.

When do you feel you turning point happened?
YUI: Uhmm… Around my 17 years old, when I did my major debut, I didn’t know what way to take. I was really being absorbed in, just struggling recklessly. But after I became 20 I felt more calm. I wouldn’t turn over my self confidence. The strenght in my heart didn’t change, but I didn’t want to sing only about me, I also wanted to try writing rooting songs. With the pass of the years, my way of seeing things and opinions changed little by little.

— By the way, your first rooting song “Rolling star” and the heart fastening love song “CHE.R.RY” were released around your 20th birthday.
YUI: I see.. as I thought CHE.R.RY became a very important song to me. At first, I thought of making a song starting with F chord, since I didn’t have any songs starting that chord. That was all my intention. Moreover, at that time, my boss came by unexpectedly, and if I hadn’t let him hear the demo of the song, it wouldn’t have been featured the way it was. That’s why I think it is a lucky song. It also comprises such encounter. It was a great period. At the end many people started to listen to it, becoming a strong song to be fond of.

— You have been featured in ORISUTA many times since your debut. How do you feel as you look at this old pages?
YUI: (Looking at old magazines) Ooh! So nostalgic! Like I thought I had a kid’s face. I’m making a face like heavy misanthropist Haha. Full of shyness. I am a shy person, though… ah, this face looks so different!

— It was around the time of Rolling star and CHE.R.RY
YUI: That’s what I thought. I was turning into a 20 year old(adult). …Ah, I was losing weight at that time? (Haha)

— The 3 months after CHE.R.RY, you were doing interviews on your 9th single My Generation?Understand right?
YUI: I wonder how I was dieting then… I wanna ask myself (the younger YUI) that.

–(Haha) On the 16th single “to Mother” along with cutting your hair, you also wore a skirt. Having filmed in both Tokyo and Fukuoka, on the best CD jacket you showed your smile.
YUI:  A person who became my friend asked me once “do you smile?” (haha). Although at the time I answered back “i’m human so of course I’m smiling”, I wonder if now I can act more natural than before.

–To the current YUI, what kind of places have Tokyo and Fukuoka become to you?
YUI: The other day, I went to Fukuoka to film for NHK songs. When I saw the beach of my hometown, I saw my old self, I became really teary. I wasn’t trying to act tough, or did I intend to do something impossible, but I had a feeling Shingu beach was saying “it’s fine!” to me. In Tokyo, as an adult there are many things I must agree to do. Leaving those things aside one time feels like they would let me take a deep breath.

— How is Tokyo to you? At the end of the ORANGE album, your 4th single “TOKYO” is included.
YUI: I included contemplative songs at the end of both albums, “Good-bye days” at the end of the GREEN album was the theme song of a movie I had the opportunity to star in. The experience of those times had a good influence on me.
I wrote “TOKYO” when I came to live in the capital. Even though its meaning is about to think back upon my starting point, I felt it would be nice if I included it at the end.
In this Tokyo I have met many people and music. Nowadays it have become a place where I can say “I’m back home”. I think I want to treasure this place from now on.

–Also your first appearance on Kouhaku Uta Gassen will be your last.
YUI: The people who knew me were ecstatic, they sent me a lot of mail. With it becoming the last, I wanted to thank all the people who have helped me so far, nevertheless I put my fighting spirit into it and want to do my best.

Translated by Kiki, Panda and Hirotana


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