Our “Shake My Heart” Cover on YUI LOCKS!


Another day, another history made. On today’s episode of YUI LOCKS!, YUI broadcasted our world version of “Shake My Heart”. She also read out the countries and the message we sent her:

Written and translated by azmikun.

We are called YUI-LOVER, The largest international YUI lover community in internet. Establish since 2005, now there are thousands members from many countries in the world gather here to show our love to YUI’s music.

This time, we are from 14 countries gathered and made International cover. We don’t know eachother but thanks to YUI’s music we can sing together.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????adiós, good bye, au revoir, sampai jumpa lagi?
We are from now on will always supporting YUI, thank you very much. dewadewa, adieu, sayounara, good bye, au revoir, sampai jumpa lagi.

Special thanks to those that took part in this project:

aron94, Alicia, angelionsphere, asuna, azmikun, AznGFXboy, Badii, Diana, dso, Elrinz, GC., Gotchi, gunsolex, Ids, Kikino!, Kysel, lamevil, Marie Heang, Mikaelly-chan, mrsean, moonchild, natchi, Sakura, sakuraich, Suri, theskydancer, tsunvun86, unguanime, waratte, weirdmedol

Good job everyone!!!!


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