YUI Diary (2010.08.25) — New photoshoot!


How are you?

Translated by waratte

Everyone, aren’t you exhausted?

The hot days are continuing.

Similarly, I went to Shounan for photo shoot!
The weather that one evening felt awfully good too?

Let’s be careful not to suffer from the summer heat!

(Stylist Datecchi and Katsuaki(?) P)

Dewa dewa, adieun.


Often I have listened to music!

The Offspring?Conspiracy Of One??
?Special Delivery??????
The song is called “Special Delivery”
by The Offspring, from “Conspiracy Of One”

?Is?and In The Sun?????????????????
I have often listened to “Island In The Sun”
by Weezer from “Maladroit”!
(The photos are of the albums but both recommended songs aren’t in them..)
Both have a cute feeling and are enjoyable songs?

Dewa dewa, I would like to find something to write again!

Be Happy?

Forum in the forum? nonsense in the sun!