Staff Diary (2010.02.24) – Thank you


?Thank you?

Translated by LemonPie

Good day to everybody!
Otsukaresamede sweets!

Thank you very much for the bunch
of warm messages on our 5 year anniversary!

Yesterday we were working at the studio too and,
We prepared a modest celebration~

When YUI came back
she said something like “Eeeh!?”

She said:
“It’s thanks to the staff and the fans
that I can continue enjoying music this way
For walking with me, congratulations to you too!
Thank you so much!”

YUI was repeating over and over
“Thank you!”
“Thank you!”
No matter how many times she said it, it’s something you can’t detest right?

Dewa dewa, everyone

From now on, let’s keep walking forward together!

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