Staff Diary (2010.09.13) — Opening day was fun!!!


Opening day was fun!!!

translated by kikino

Good eveing everyone!

It looks like its becoming a little refreshing…

It’s what I feel so, are you all getting along well?
Yesterday, A safe opening day ended!

Thank you for all your comments witten!!?

We looked at everybodys comments

And made us really happy!!


?e.u.Band let us hear great playing and smart talks?
The staff was very “nervous” too, but

We had a lot of fun~!

Really, I think YUI’s live was great!!


?LIVE will start in 30 seconds!!!!?

This week, Nagoya!

Everyone in Nagoya, please wait!!

Let’s sing a lot together!!!

?YUI+e.u.Band inmediatelly following the LIVE?

From now on, I’ll make a lot of LIVE reports!!!

We are impatiently waiting for the impressions and messages from everybody~.




Forum ni!