Staff Diary (2010.09.19) — Looking back at Nagoya…


Looking back at Nagoya…

Translated by yuinoruido

Minnasan, konbanwaa!

It is is a very pleasant night in Tokyo. Are you enjoying the 3 consecutive holidays?

Well then, the other day, everybody in Nagoya

were really helpful. We had a great time right?!!

Today, looking back at the concerts so far

We’ll upload a lot of pictures!!

To the people who didn’t go to the venue

I want to share with you a bit of the atmosphere in that place

Well then!!


YUI is focusing, prepairing for the performance in the dressing room

e.u.Band members after the performance

Guests waiting for the curtain raising

In the backstage there is this really large system!

A lot of cameras and computers!

Here you can read “Stage right” There are no “unskillful” people here (laughs)
Stage right: right side of the stage from YUI’s point of view

An emotional moment in the concert!

A sense of unity that can only be tasted in the concert was wrapping up the venue

YUI eating Kushikatsu* after the concert.

Eating the same, super stylist Date-san

Everyone, was the atmosphere in Nagoya transmitted?
I don’t see YUI singing so, NO!

The day after tomorrow is Sendai!
Everyone in Sendai, Let’s have fun!


Please ENJOY the consecitive holidays ok?


* Kushikatsu: Fried pork and negi on skewers

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