Staff Diary (2011.01.18) (2) — The CD’s Have Been Completed!


The CDs have been completed!

Translated by Kiki, panda and I think azmi did everything too but it magically disappeared lol

Good evening everyone!

The flu is spreading everywhere, are you all alright?

Finally, One week for the release!

??????It’s My Life / Your Heaven????????Docchi-Mo????????
Please support our new work ?It’s My Life / Your Heaven?!! (A Docchi-Mo single after a long time lol)

Well then, today the completed sample CD’s have arrived!

As always in this instant, we feel nervous…

This time, from the Sweden till making the CM song

it seems that it took a long time to make the final product.

Also, it feels like YUI is becoming a big artist steadily.

for YUI its time to start over even though her reputation has increased over the winter (someone check/help)

I think this single is packed with YUI’s new side!

??????It’s My Life / Your Heaven??
Please check ?It’s My Life / Your Heaven? next week by all means!

Dewa dewa


Please look for the usual ?Docchi-Mo? writting in the package ok? (lol)

????It’s My Life??MV???????????
Also, It’ My Life PV is almost completed!

You’ll be able to watch it soon!!

It’s really charming~~

Look forward to it also!!

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