Staff Diary (2011.06.25) (1) — in Hong Kong!


in ????
in Hong Kong!

by kiki and waratte

Hello everybody!
Are you all right??

in ??????
YUI’s party is in Hong Kong!!

Very well, we are in Hong Kong since yesterday,
so let’s upload yesterday’s events!

Arrival to Hong Kong! We were overwhelmed by the big harbour!

No time to rest, the meeting around the stage begins.

With the help of a translator, Japan staff and local staff thoroughly confirmed details!

The words on everyones’ mouths “Let’s make this an absolute success!” was the hot thought…(tears)

Crossing national borders, there was a sense of unity.

From left, (musical instrument) Tetsu-kun, Teppei-san, (Manipulator) Youko-san.

After the business meeting, everyone from Japan and Hong Kong staff
signed posters.

Hong Kong staff suggested it to commemorate the occasion,
but somehow, it warmed the heart….

And just now, YUI arrived in Hong Kong!

Thank you to
everyone who came to the airport!

And also
groups of people are steadily entering the concert hall.

More and more!!
it’s enjoyable!!

Let’s pray things go safely…

Dewa dewa.
More report to come.


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