Staff Diary (2011.11.17) (2) — Posting something about behind the scenes


Posting something about the behind the scenes (the person is implying that they are posting about it)

Translated by akito77 & Hatsumichan

Good evening!
In the midst of everyone’s warm atmosphere, the Nara concert was a huge success!
As always, thank you!!
Well, I was thinking about revealing to the public about some behind the scenes stuff a little at a time,
I would like to try to post the first part right now?

I’m not sure if the people who came to the concert noticed or not…

We were very particular about the concept and so we’re also producing a parka for the tour staff to use!
The quality of the completed product is extremely high, and it’s so cute to the extent that it’s a waste for it to only be for staff!!
Since I’ve already gotten this far in describing it, I’ll borrow this post to introduce it?


The back looks like this:

The hood can also be folded backwards like this:

Even the cord was made in the image of being on a ship.

It is certainly a parka for a cruising crew.

So we are also being particular about places other than the stage and making them.
Of course! We are also being particular about the stage, so…
that will be touched upon next time!!
Well then~, let’s meet again next time on November 23rd at Iwake Prefectural Hall???

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