Staff Diary (2011.12.13) — The 11th Day of the Tour!!


???11???? (2011/12/13)
The 11th Day of the Tour!!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good afternoon!

Today is the 11th day of the tour.

It’s at “Nagoya Century Hall.”

There was a “Shachihoko” in the lobby? (mythical sea creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish – supposed to be the protector of the well-being of people and buildings)

With just this, we would get excited?

In the lobby, there was a gathering of people showing their venue limited trading cards to each other,

and talking with each other about all things YUI,

and it left a big impression that they were letting themselves have so much fun even before the doors opened.

We’ve finally reached the point of our cruising where there are only half of the places left to go,

but let’s set off in high spirits today as well!

Everyone, please enjoy it to your heart’s content?

Well then,



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