Staff Diary (2012.02.07) — It’s almost valentines ?


It’s almost Valentines?

translated by me and kikino


YUI got 1st place
for the artist you want to receive chocolates from!
to those that chose
and voted for her
Thank you very much.
Its Valentines soon?
Its the time when the guys are restless,
and the girls are excited~.
I hope everyone spends a wonderful Valentines?


Lets review the tour at once.
Starting from December 1st at Fukui Phoenix Plaza,
Fukui’s first disembarkment!
Since we spent our time in Tokyo we became negligent
and forgotten how strong the winds could be by the Sea of Japan.

While being surprised by it being colder than we thought,
that day YUI warmed herself up by sleeping straight after eating Echizen Soba?

The next morning, Backy came to check out the arena
and he started to strum and play his new guitar.

If you have a closer look…

?HONEY BEE????????????????
It’s an acoustic guitar made by ?HONEY BEE?!!!!
He found it in a second hand music store and bought it on the spot.

The cruise had a feeling that it was suddenly gonna become warmer.

The following day was at Osaka International Convention Center’s Main hall
The reaction towards the MC was as one would expect of Osaka
They digged really fast

Everyone having fun without a care in the world, it was impressive?

Once we returned to Tokyo,
we took a good rest.
Next was on December 7th at Fuji City Cultural Meeting Hall Rose theatre Great Hall
Although it was warm, the day was cloudy.
When we thought we weren’t able to see Mount Fuji
the clouds parted and it reared its face for us.

While the Yuppi Noodles incident was happening, the Cruise ended without incident.

Mie Cultural Meeting Great Hall was on December 9th.
That day was also the bassist Backy’s birthday?
Everybody secretly prepared~,
A mountain of presents you couldn’t lift with two arms!!

Also this cake was split and only a small portion entered our stomachs lol

On that day the tower of Yuppi Noodles was finished lol
We ate a lot Akafuku and Naga Omochi…
We just keep eating lol

That day a lot of people were bringing their families.
Enjoying themselves amongst such a warm atmosphere
YUI and band members were impressive ?

Truly we have received support from a lot of people.
Please take care of us from now on too!!


Dewa, that’s it for today,

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