Staff Diary (2012.02.10) — Looking Back chapters



Looking Back chapters

Translated by pandas who read this scare me and Hatsumichan

Its the 4th part of us reminiscing!

On December 13th at Nagoya Century Hall
the MC from last time, Yano Kiyomi-san appeared on stage!
She taught YUI some Nagoya dialect.
YUI did the MCs from start to finish in Nagoya dialect?4 parts!!

The live was also fired up.
From the very first song the clapping wouldn’t stop?

Well, starting from here on out we will be introducing the Kyushu series!!

December 16th at Nagasaki Brick Hall
I thought Kyushu was like the southern parts of Japan…
sorry for my lack knowledge.

“Wow~ its Kyushu~!!”

As we continued holding onto our own personal images of Kyushu (i.e: that it is part of the southern part of Japan and therefore, hot)
our group excitedly left the airport

“Its cold~!!”

It seems the it suddenly got cold in Kyushu that day,
we also somehow got to see the first snow in Nagasaki.
From that time on it was an omen for a White Christmas.

It was just before Christmas! As such,
the stage was also decorated in Christmas colors???
The talk was also about “what kind of cake do you like?”
which made everyone very excited lol

During the MC, Shirakata Yuuhei from NIB Nagasaki International Television appeared on stage!
It seems that he normally does a television program
with a person named Ai-san,
and suddenly reverting back,
he ended up saying “Ai-san!” at the end.
YUI kept messing with him as well and the venue was extremely excited lol.
The crowd couldn’t stop laughing ?

December 18th was ar Fukuoka Sun Palace
finally at YUI’s hometown!!
As it was her hometown, it was very relaxed and there was a good tension
at the live?
Once it started YUI’s tension was at the MAX
With everyone’s warm encouragement
it turned out to be an extremely good live.

Yuppi was also specked out in Christmas gear.

That day everyone had Rasomen?
Its a special product that only a few people know about!
I recommend it ?
YUI off to Tokyo once again!

December 20th Kagoshima Citizen’s Culture Hall
Kagoshima was nice and warm.
The guest appearance was DJ-POCKY who has looked after YUI since her debut!
In the dressing room we had some Original Coffee.
Thank you very much!!
Everyone had it and thought it was delicious!

By the way, here, the Kyushu region, was no.1 in the amount of goods sold!

The concert also had a very heated excitement to it?
In Kagoshima we properly had Kurobuta hot pot.

The next day, along with Chris returning to Tokyo
just like that on to Msta rehearsals???

And that’s it for today.
We will continue this next time!!



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