YUI Diary (2011.02.16) — It was Valentine’s day!


It was Valentine’s day!

Hello everyone, I’m YUI.

Did you gave or received chocolates from someone?

As for me, I shot a comment in valentine’s day, so I gave cookies to everyone!

You want to eat sweet things in Valentine’s right?!

YUI RADIO?SONY“Play You.”??????????????????????????
?????????YUI RADIO??????????????????
YUI RADIO went for a bussines trip to SONY “Play you” and it’s being broadcasted in their site in advance.
It’s being a while since the last YUI RADIO, so please listen to it by all means!

And, LIVE DVD?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? have being decided!!
It was fun, and I’ll be excited if I’m able to plan something like that again!

Lately i’ve been doing recordings and songs.
I think its good to do a lot of new things again!

Let’s go Happy-chan everyday ?

Dewadewa Adieuin (adieu + varantain? xD)



YUI RADIO???????????????????????
Thank you for your comments about YUI RADIO’s “Rabu chuu nyuu” and “Korosuke!”
As for Korosuke it’s “~nari” isn’t it?

Also, the always helpful Yuusuke-san!
He is e.u.Band’s manager!

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