HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN [e.u.Band’s campaign of encounters around the country] (Translation)


YUI presents the promotional campaign for the new DVD HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN!
You can watch the video here.

Translation by azmikun

For all the readers of YUI-net. Good day I’m YUI.

Are you all doing well?

I’m so healty.

well, the other day,
In home page has been announced
about the release of long-waited about 3 years

And for a lot of messages to Home page etc,
thank you very much.

I’m so happy.

and then, I’m so excited about the release day of DVD,
and I was thinking that if there was an interesting project, that must be good…

all the member of who participated
on a big and beautiful lovely play
In live and in DVD too
said “wa want to cooperate” to me.

after that I thinked about the project.

jan jan jan jan~~~
A journey to be in touch with the whole country with project!

We think we want to visit every shop
and during that we want to meet all the fan
starts from Tokyo with car to somewhere in the whole country!

well now “amidakuji (lottery)”

In this brand new “amidakuji”
I will put horizontal lines.

Today I’m “border” too LOLOLOL XD

Under this what is written?
I became a little nervous.

Now I’ll will write the line.

*YUI writing the line


from now I’ll stick this Tokyo seal’s departure point.

ok, I will stick it.


well now I’ll trace the line.

*YUI tracing line

it’s here!



now I’ll tear off the seal.


is North!

speaking of north (of japan)

at north…is very rought, but

Please to all member go to North
and go as my replacement for “to be in touch journey”!

????? please be careful ~!

and then everyone
please support

Take care!!

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