YUI Diary (2010.05.23) – Hello!



Translated by Kippei

Good evening.

How’s everyone doing?

It’s YUI.

I made some bracelets!

I’m wearing one on my right ankle,
and the bracelet feels like Misanga it seems like my wish will come true when it is worn off,
also I’m wearing it hoping that it makes me look lovely.
As it is very durable wearing one makes you feel at ease.

And so, this is somewhat a casual diary~.

STAFF DIARY???????????
Staff Diary has also been updated!

Come to think of it, Chiba-chan who always write “Otsukaresama de sweets” is easy to understand?

Well then, please do your best tomorrow~.




Recently, I put a pack of ?Black Thunder? candy into the bag.

It’s really nice that I have it in my bag, thinking that it will come in handy when I’m suddenly hungry (laugh)

But then, it is inside the bag for too long that it came out crumbled..

Well then!

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