YUI Diary (2010.05.26) – Recording!



Translated by shimatta-kun!
Correction by Kippei

Good afternoon

YUI ???
It’s YUI

???????????????????? ???????????
Thank you for your comments regarding Black Thunder!
I wasnt expecting such a reaction, I was surprised.
As one would expect from Black Thunder right?

?????????????????2??? ???????MUSIC JAPAN???????????
Today (or yesterday, technically speaking) I went to a recording (MUSIC JAPAN) after 2 years!

???? ?????????????????????????????
After a long time I felt this mysterious sensation, but it all ended without problems.

?????? MUSIC VIDEO??????????????????????????????????
I was together with (band) bember in the music video, Christian, and the usual member Backy!

? ??????????????????
Dewa dewa, let’s give our best tomorrow!

?? ???????
Thank you for the hard work!




? ??

In front of the dressing room.

Caption: MUSIC JAPAN?? – MUSIC JAPAN Dressing room

???????????(?? ??????????????????????)
Stylist Date-cchi (or something) (Having the serious responsability of rising a child, really thank you so much!)

Caption: ?????????? – Stylist Date-cchi

Dewa dewa!


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