YUI Diary (2010.06.01) – At last!!


At last!!

Translated by yupeh & Kikino!

???to Mother???????????!!
Tomorrow, ?to Mother? is going to be released!!

I’m looking forward to this so much that I can’t stop my excitement!

I’ll be happy to the limits if I receive impressions on the songs and such?

?? ??????????
And for everyone
I want you all to give this song to an important person of yours.

By all means!

Dewa dewa, ’till tomorrow!!

? ????
Ade-su. <- ( su mada? xD )




? ?????????????????????
The other day, I went again to another magazine photoshoot.

The weather was fine and wonderful in the place of the photoshoot!

I went to meet with the always assisting camera man-san and the staff!!
We had fun with an harmonious feeling.

Dewa dewa!

? ??????????????????????????
Further, it was my first time to eat a Black Thunder Ice.
There’s a new flavor! Thanks for informing me!


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