YUI Diary (2011.01.03) — ????????????????? Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!!

Translated by Iron Man and War Machine

It’s YUI

?????GLORIA??to Mother??HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??Rain???????????????????
Last year I was able to release ?GLORIA?, ?to Mother?, ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?, and ?Rain?.

???????6?????????????ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2010??
????????HIGHER GROUND 2010???SETSTOCK’10???
At summer festivals, I went to ?ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2010? for the 6th consecutive year,
Performed for the first time at ?HIGHER GROUND 2010? and ?SETSTOCK’10?!!
I had lots of fun with the e.u.Band and everybody else.

????9???11?????YUI 4th Tour 2010?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????????????????????????
I was able to meet many of you across Japan during the YUI 4th Tour ~HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN~ from September to November.

I am truly grateful for the encouraging feeling I received from your messages!

??????“Play You”??????????????????????????????????????????????????
???????????Live in the Dark????????????????????
“Play You”??2???????????????????????????????????????????????
With Walkman “Play You” Project I went to Sweden for the first time, I met new people and I had a great time.
I had the chance to enjoy a new experience playing in the middle of darkness for the first time at ?Live in the Dark?.

I want to do my best to have a good and productive year 2011.
I’m counting on you all for this year too.

I wish everyone a great year!!


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