YUI Diary (2011.02.04) — Kibidango (Millet Dumplings)


Kibidango (Millet Dumplings)!

Translated by azmikun

Everyone, good evening.

I’m YUI.

Thank you for always posting (in YUI-net)!

There are a lot of events like*Setsubun, valentine and *ehoumaki, did you all do something?
as for me, I couldn’t participate in *Setsubun’s *ehoumaki, I just ate it a little?

because valentine is near the are a lot of chances to find chocolate, just now I want to eat sweet food!

during that, recently I do a lot of things like making a song, listening to various songs and playing guitar.
When the song is completed, quikly I will let you listen to it! I’m so excited?

Because cold days still continue, let’s be careful not to catch a cold!

And then, Today is [Bokura no Ongaku] broadcast day, right?!
certainly, check it okay!!
Thank you!

well then, adieu.


it (kibitango) couldn’t touch the title!
when I was making a song, I always bring a snack, I bought [kibidango] as today’s snack.

Because it’s written [choco flavor], I wondered how is the flavor was so I tried it and it was delicious!

Because I always choose the same things,
recently I try to look for new and interesting things?

well then! Always in happy ?

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