YUI Diary (2011.05.17) — Hong Kong!!


Hong Kong ! !

Translated by waratte and Kikino!

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

I went to Hong Kong for promotion ! !

Even though it was my first time going there, surprisingly it didn’t feel like it.

During the first Hong Kong street live & shopping mall performance, the crowds sang a great chorus.
The press conference, interviews, riding the double-decker bus,
Cantonese (language), the food, …. everything was so much fun!

To all of the Hong Kong staff, those who came and supported me,
thank you so very much ! !
Hearing you say how much you like Japan really made me happy?

Also, thank you to everyone always supporting me in Japan! !

I look forward to June ! !

Everyone, let’s take care of ourselves~! !

Adieu-Hong Kong.



I received a trophy from Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong ! !

??????????Jason Chan?????????????????
I received a bouquet of flowers from Hong Kong artist Jason Chan ! !

Everyone gathered in the shopping mall ! !

And now I am indebted to everyone from Hong Kong staff ! !

Many thanks ! !
(Read here as “Toa chie”. It means “thank you!”)

Bye Bye??

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