New single It’s My Life / Your Heaven (January 26, 2011)


YUI new production: Double A Side for U-Can & Walkman CM

Tracklist from YUI-net:
1. It’s My Life
2. Your Heaven
3. Rain ~ YUI Acoustic Version ~
4. It’s My Life ~ Instrumental ~

Translated by cyclo

YUI??A??????It’s My Life / Your Heaven???2011?1?26????????????????
YUI’s double-A-side Single ?It’s My Life / Your Heaven?has been scheduled for release on 26 January 2011.

?????????????????CM?????????????It’s My Life???YUI????????????????????Play You.???????????????????Your Heaven?????????Rain?????????????????????????????
This single will be a compilation of ?It’s My Life?, which was chosen for the new ???????(U-can) CM campaign, as well as the song YUI wrote for the SONY ?Walkman?’s ?Play You.?campaign, ?Your Heaven?. Also, to finish it off, ?Rain?Acoustic Version will be used as the coupling.

Furthermore, ?U-Can? new CM will be on-air from New Year’s Day on. There will be an appearance from Shibasaki Kou,?Mukai Osamu, and Kimura Tae in the CM.

YUI Comment

??????????????????????????????????????????It’s My Life????????
As we enquired about the CM’s theme,
I made ?It’s My Life?thinking that it would be a good song to motivate people who procrastinate.

Even for myself, I felt uncomfortable as I embarked on my music career,
I believe that if you hold on to the initial passion and affection, you will reach your target.

2011???????It’s My Life??
The first song of 2011, ?It’s My Life??
Listening to it in various ways, I think you will be happy.

For all the support in 2010, thank you very much.

I will give my best in 2011 as well!
Please continue to give me your support!

Translated by cyclo