yui’s comment about “Kuuki” (2015.02.14)



Translated by Tecchan-san and Kiki

Good evening. How are you?
Today is Valentine’s Day !

Sweet things are not my favorite, but it’s yui who sort of want to have chocolate.
Have you had some?

I’d like to write a comment on Kuuki.

As I listened to it after a long time, I was surprised as expected (lol).
At how destructive it is.
And what I intended to do?

But, I’m wondering if I would continue having conflicted feelings, eventually.
Especially in this song, it sounds like I’m saying ‘I want to be freeee !!’.
But I think “freedom”=”non-freedom”.
The more you are aware of freedom, the more you are pinned down. A mystery.

When we first started FulaFula, in my own special way I worked around the themes of “things without meaning, freedom and not to say things definitively”, but I think these were all unsuccessful, in a good sense.

When I began to write the lyrics of Kuuki, I really focussed on writing meaningless things, and took care not to add meanings to the words, but at last, I have written a meaningful thing.

It was like even if I know everything about this world, I can’t dislike it = I love it.

When we were making the song also, I felt like I wanted to make a weird music (probably the FuraFura members are naturaly perverted in a good sense), but it ended up becoming an earnest song rather than weird, which may be FuraFura style.
The members who make weird with all their power. Lol.
I really have anything but thankfulness.

As for the atmosphere of the song, we looked for references in music of old ages, as you know, there is no new or old in “weird”.
I’d be grateful if you feel it new in a good sense.

I think the best freedom is the one you find in the middle of non-freedom
But it’s really really just for a moment, so the time to endure feels long right? Surely.

What making songs by ourselves (And the people around us who supported us) feels is, ourselves. Those who set the band free is ourselves, and who make the band not decide things prematurely is also ourselves. That’s the most difficult…

Engineer uni-san left an impression on me when he told me “It would be a good idea if you removed one screw off from your head”
This isn’t something I’ve felt myself, but I seem to be too diligent. I don’t think so at all, though…

Since this was the first album as a band I was nervous, in the early stage, I said “Anyway, will you let me take care of this?”. I respect the members who followed me, and I thank all the staff involved.

In a way, it looks like I’ve already commented on the whole album, but I will keep on writing!

For now, today is Valentine’s Day!!
I hope it will be a nice day for you


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