YUI’s?fight?to be aired on Radio!


YUI-net has updated some information on YUI-san’s upcoming song ?fight?.

According to YUI-net:
2012/05/05 23:00?25:00 NHK FM?YUI?????fight??

5/5(?)?NHK FM???????YUI?????fight???????????????????



N?? 2012

?fight?is the song that YUI-san has written as part of this year’s NHK NCON’s song writing contest.

Looks like the song will be aired 2012/05/05 with YUI on the RADIO! It’s been a long time now since we’ve had a YUI on a radio show so let’s look forward to it!

(not sure if this is going to be the choir version that we’ve seen a few weeks ago or YUI’s version of the song that will be aired….)

More information:

It seems like the NHK NCON website is allowing some sort of submission from the public

Quick summary about the form submission (from hirotana):
The form is for the message to YUI. They collect messages and show to YUI. The message must be about fighting, encourage or something like that…


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